Introducing Our New Ink Line!

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Have you ever sat down to stamp and you end up scratching your head because the pink and green you just stamped your flowers and leaves with don't go together?

Pink and green SHOULD work for flowers, right?

When this happens, it's because saturation levels of the colors are different! Saturation levels (meaning how vibrant or true a color is…) make a huge difference in color, mood, and appearance of your inks.

spacollection_fbcoverThat’s why, when I created Catherine Pooler Inks, I was obsessive about making sure each collection had a matching saturation level for easy coordination. Everything in the Spa Collection will work beautifully with everything else in the Spa Collection, just like everything in the Party Collection works perfectly with everything the Party Collection.

Color Coordination has never been easier and with these two lines of color, you are going to be able to make polished, beautiful projects in a jiffy without agonizing over color choices!

Party Collection Colors are high saturation colors…bright and vivid.  Think lime green and bright pink.

Spa Collection Colors are low saturation colors…muted (but not muddy).  Think olive and dusty rose.

We have a super fun line up for you as we reveal our first EIGHT Spa Ink Colors (yes, there will be more!).


Tuesday, November 7 – Friday November 10:  Facebook Live every morning around 11 am (be sure to head over to my Facebook page, under the cover photo hover over “Following”.  Make sure you have notifications turned ON so you get notice when we are going live.  I hope to see you on there!

Friday, November 10:  Join me live with a special guest…we have a fun surprise up our sleeves.

Friday night – Sunday, November 12:  we'll have something to keep you busy while I head for a busy weekend (Eva turns 13!  and we have the girls' holiday dance performance, so I'll be back stage with props and costumes most of the weekend!)

Monday November 13:   Our last two ink colors will be revealed.

Tuesday, November 14:  9 am eastern.  Ordering for our new stamps and dies opens and our 3 days of blog hops kick off!

Thank you so much for sharing in our excitement…we've been working on this for a long time and it's such a thrill to finally let you all in on the method behind our madness!

TONS of stamping fun is ahead!  WOOOT!


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