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My Favorite Place

Here we go!  The Self Care Weekend Challenge starts NOW!

This weekend I'm encouraging you to take a few moments (or more!) for yourself. And you may even WIN for doing it!

How to Participate:

  1. Sometime during the Self-Care Weekend (This Friday, November 3 – Monday November 6 at 1pm EST) post a picture on Instagram or Facebook of you doing your activity. Tell me why it makes you feel amazing and use the hashtag #CPSelfCareWeekend (make sure your post is public so we can find it and cheer you on!)…go ahead and tag us as well!
  2. Each photo you post will enter you to WIN a gift $25 certificate to our shop! That’s right, you might get rewarded for being good to yourself!


My self-care this weekend is done straight from my favorite place…The Beach!  I'll be here for the weekend, but unfortunately for Eli, I didn't bring him.

I did bring along about 10 dear friends that have been in my life for as many as 10 – 15 years.  It will be great to recharge, kick back and just breathe.

Susan (our sales manager) just arrived and we did a quick Facebook Live — it's a great self-care and gift giving idea for you.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW!

I'll share more later this weekend about my thoughts on friends and filling your bucket…but for now, I think one of the ladies has a drink with my name on it, so before I run, some ideas to get you going.


  1. What inspires you and gives you great ideas? Hit up your local museum, craft market, fabric store, or gallery
  2. What lights you up and makes you feel like YOU? Read your favorite book, light your favorite candle, go for a long walk, call a friend you haven't heard from in a while
  3. What helps you relax? Take a bath, schedule a pedicure, try meditation, savor a new tea, go to bed early
  4. What makes you feel creative? Try a new stamping technique, browse a bookstore, journal your thoughts, buy a fancy notebook, whip up a new recipe

We can't wait to see how you take care of yourself!


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